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John Breiner – AHA Artist in the Press

Artist Spotlight: John Breiner

New York based artist John Breiner started as a street artist, and it shows. His graffiti-esque aesthetic fits quite well with his current canvas of choice: discarded old books and found objects. His pieces mix the rebelliousness of street art with the beauty of watercolors, resulting in paintings that explode with color as they twist and curve in brilliant ways. To see some of his more recent work, check out his portfolio. We included a few of our favorites in the gallery above.

The Funguy warrior series is a group of works that have emerged from the northeastern corners of North America in the last couple of years. The idea of the birth into existence of the Funguy Warriors centers on the search and identification of the “Fungus Among Us”, a mysterious growth spreading as of late. The proliferation of info, false and otherwise, the speed at which its delivered and the all imposing reach it displays has left its mark and new breed of life has emerged. These warriors are poised for survival and adaption in this ever-changing world in which we inhabit. 

John Breiner is a New York Born visual artist, Muralist and DJ.

He currently works and lives in the Hudson Valley running his own art gallery while fine-tuning his studio craft of repurposing old paper and surfaces to accommodate his ever-growing visual diary.



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