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Jun’ichirö Ishida | AHA Artist in the Press

Jun’ichirö Ishida

I envision my art as promoting the positive essence of the human experience to create harmony in the community. I want my pieces to wake up the audience from idling in the impermanence of the floating world and make them become aware of living fully in the present moment. To advance them to a level of consciousness embodied in the following declarations: Live the life. Now is the time. Focus and concentrate.

Jun'ichirö Ishida, "Meditation on the Emptiness" view more artwork from Jun'ichirö Ishida

I want to celebrate being alive in an interrelated world. I believe that absolute beauty resides in tranquility. I challenge the notion of self-serving, self-important, self-expressionistic art. Also, I contest the idea of art as protesting, criticizing, or merely reflecting our society. I would rather dedicate my work to preserving the good side of human nature rather than reducing it to a complaint. In working toward this mission, I distill and decant ingredients from my surroundings and strive to radiate them with pure energy.

To realize my vision, I incorporate all aspects that gave me positive influences in my life experiences. I am keenly aware of my Asian heritage, I am familiar with both western art and non western art, including the philosophy of art making. I advocate the concept of art making as not for the expression of individuality but as a dedication to realized beings, which is still strong motivation of making art in many parts of the world. I am also highly committed to aesthetics that I have four guiding principles: unexpected composition, skillfully and cleverly crafted forms, richness in color, and unique layering effects. According to these principals, I manipulate dimension, form, and color.

My art shares tranquility with others. I want my viewer to be calmly awake, to be mindful and aware of the joy of living.  My aim is not just for providing temporary visual pleasure but to give ongoing impact to my audiences. When the radiance from a painting is conveyed to an audience – and when they feel that positive energy – I consider my work a success.


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