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“The Story of Job”


“The Story of Job” – Jeremiah Johnson

Opening Reception: Today!

Thursday May 14th, 6-9pm Exhibition Dates: May 14th – June 7th

Gallery Hours Wed.-Sun.12-6pm

The Job Johnson project is an on-going collection of oral and written stories, family history, and landmarks from central Pennsylvania as told through the drawings done by an alter ego named Job Johnson who lived at the beginning of the Industrial Era. (1860 to 1937)

The project incorporates folklore from a historical first person narrative perspective.  These works reflect a need for conservation as well as those tiny, nearly forgotten reminders of Pennsylvania’s multicultural roots. Each drawing that I’ve made for this project is done on my own hand-made paper framed in hand-built recycled wood frames.

interview podcast on upcoming show Jeremiah Johnson –

read more: “The Story of Job”

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