Arlene Rush

My conceptual multidisciplinary work expands to sculptural objects, installations, and digital photography. Influenced by my own life and world events, I explore issues surrounding women’s rights, gender, identity, and the political and social climate of our era. I create sculptures, life casts of myself, along with interactive performances pieces. I appropriate and alter massed circulated objects - either material or virtual - and outline the increasing consumerism of late capitalism. Reflecting on the challenges of being a woman artist, I interrogate the patriarchal lens through which my work is viewed and create “new relics” of contemporary American culture and history.

“Current Affairs” my most recent series is my conceptually driven response to the current political climate in the US and how local urgencies resonate with the global crisis of democratic
values. . I blur the distinction between material and virtual consumption, between the personal and political, between local and global.

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