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Every day that passes, I feel that my heart is torn a
little more from my chest. Every day that passes is a
day I spend far away from the ones I love, the ones
that give life every little bit of meaning. With my work
I want to emulate the physical separation from them
and the absence of belonging. I do not feel I belong
anywhere. There is always this feeling of having to
accommodate my self to spaces, to others realities. I
see my self-portraits as an exploration of the
absence of belonging.

I became passionate about photography in 2009.
Through experiments with my own body I intend to
alter perceptions of everyday instances, spaces,
objects, and create new narratives of the feminine.
These self- portraits have given me the freedom to
express myself more openly and directly; to explore
how my gestures and expression might emulate how
the Cuban, migrant woman and artist is represented
today. The use of performance, photography and
mixed media allows me to recreate moments of
intensity. Sometimes I am looking to confront the
viewer while maintaining and bring to light questions
surrounding representation of the female form, what
is made public and private, voyeurism, and wants
and desires. - Paola Martinez Fiterre


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