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Junyi Liu

Junyi Liu (刘俊仪 b.1995) is a painter and performance artist based in New York City. Liu’s works are deeply rooted in her life experience, exploring themes of trauma, social justice, and romanticism. Her paintings are characterized by rich colors, unusual compositions, and emotionally charged scenes. Born in China, Liu pursued her art education in the U.S. and earned a BFA from Maryland Institute College of Art. She has exhibited in CONTEXT Art Miami (FL), Art on Paper (NY), Arcadia Contemporary (NY), Abend Gallery (CO), Untitled Space (NY), Wausau Museum of Contemporary Art (WI), Manifest Gallery (OH), 33 Contemporary (IL), etc. Publications featuring Liu’s work include American Art Collector, Whitehot Magazine, Untitled Magazine, Southwest Art Magazine, International Artists Magazine, Fine Art Connoisseur, and more.


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