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Zachary D. Milder

​"The colors and lines in the “Some Courts” series divide the work, simultaneously demarcating teams and crafting an appearance of balance and impartiality.  Beneath or beside these veneers of equality, systems of rules dictate the proposed action. A number of rules are provided but some key rules are left unwritten, thereby encouraging the viewer to fill in the gaps. The inherent desire for fairness in sport drives the implicit expectation that the systems of action within these proposed spaces should be fairly designed and enforced for all competitors.  This impartial rule-making process inspires a more critical examination of the systems that dictate the action within our lives. The implied sports in the “Some Courts” series are at varying levels of completion and are presented in the format of drafts, napkin sketches, and jotted thoughts. The work-in-progress aesthetic alludes to the reality that social systems are perpetually in flux and require ongoing reflection to improve. The work in this series inspires a more conscious and impartial engagement with the systems of action we enforce in our own lives."  - Zach Milder


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