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Caroline Voagen Nelson

I deconstruct and rebuild archives and environments to create surreal recollections of the past in the moving image form. My work has a collaged, atmospheric aesthetic that brings to life moments from history, mythology, and memory. These projects become recon textualized in its current setting, juxtaposing the past with present and future ideations. My mixed-media animations
and installations are theatrical experiences using a blend of technologies; considering the dialogue
between digital, analog, and mechanical. What drives my work is research-based investigations of origin stories that I find a deep connection with in regards to today’s societal infrastructures and my own relationships. Much of my work has been devoted to stories of urban settings in flux, fragmented memories, and connections with others. My projects are modular: a site specific installation with projections and monitors also may live as augmented reality prints, sculptures, a film, and still images. I think of these projects like puzzle pieces that can be reconfigured in multiple forms. Drawing and photography are important mediums that begin the process of building these complex bodies of time-based works. Scale is a significant component. I work with micro and macro sensibilities, such as miniatures
versus large-scale installation and personal memories versus wide-ranging historic moments. To
build these works is an intuitive process in understanding the ever-changing systems we live in.

 ~ Caroline Voagen Nelson


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