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Evan Venegas

Some of the Exhibitions Adam Taye has exhibited in (from his CV)
I Like Winners: Sport and Selfhood, January 2009. Sheppard Fine Arts Gallery,University of Nevada, Reno. This Is The End... Tales of The Apocalypse, January 2009. Visions Gallery, Medway, MA. Virtual Identities, Real Space, November 2008. Sego Art Center, Provo, UT. Lend Me Your Ears, August 2008. James Cohan Gallery, New York, NY. Adventures in Mysticism, April 2008. Athens Institute for Contemporary Art, Athens, GA. Composting Good & Evil, March 2008. Ethical Metalsmiths, Savannah, GA. Mugshots, January 2008. Gallery 659, Glencoe ,IL. AAU Faculty Invitational, May 2007. Coburn Gallery, Ashland, OH. The No Gallery Benefit, November 2005. The No Gallery, Brooklyn, NY. A Nightmare on Grand Street, October 2005. 31 Grand, Brooklyn, NY. Abundant Offerings, December 2004, Williamsburg Art and Historical Center, Brooklyn, NY. Gritty, July 2004, Dam-Stultrager Gallery, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY. The Second Degree, July 2004, Brooklyn Brewery Brooklyn, NY. Bushwick Open Studio, March 2004, Brooklyn, NY. Hunter Sculpture Show, May 2001, Hunter College Gallery, Manhattan, NY. Heavy Metals, May 2000, Arrowspace Gallery, Olympia, WA. Nice n’ Easy, September 1999, Midnight Sun Gallery, Olympia, WA. Space Filling Objectives, May 1999, Arrowspace Gallery, Olympia, WA. Oseos Gallery Grand Opening, May 1998, Oseos Gallery, Seattle, WA.

Like many of us in the Church, Taye grew up playing Church basketball. The sculptures in "Quorum" are the artist's way of making connections between religion, contemporary worship of athletes, and riffs on art history. In these tableaux, Taye takes figurines of famous NBA ballplayers and places them in poses from Old Master paintings. More of Taye's paintings and sculptures can be viewed on his website

Here's an artist's statement about the works below, from the exhibition "Quorum": "I'm creating a visual language that analyzes the artifacts of self-determination, free agency, and self-fulfilling prophesy. Last year I was in three fantasy basketball leagues. I create objects to become part of the canon of apocrypha surrounding contemporary American religion."

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