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Jeffrey Allen Price

My sponge maps come out of an interest in creating works of art that reconfigure various studio by-products into new forms. 

The cartographic iconography is derived from geographical locations that I am familiar with, and are immediately recognizable locations. I like No the material of the used sponges, as it is an effective metaphor for expressing environmental abuses that occur on the landscape from man-made pollution and oil spills to natural disasters such as flooding and erosion. 

Jeffrey Allen Price is a multi-media and interdisciplinary installation artist. His work often alludes to natural processes such as growth and decay and often references consumerism and materialistic culture. His work is process-based and accumulative, and usually includes humorous playful elements. His works have been shown and published internationally and have been written about in The New York Times and featured on television. J.A.P. is currently a professor of art at a number of schools in and around New York City including York College and Long Island University. 


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