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Jun'ichirö Ishida

My current artistic goal is to share with my audiences the sense of tranquility. I would like my audiences to feel the absolute calmness. 
Senkyo is a Japanese word describing the remote secret land where the immortal hermits live.  The main subject matter of the Senkyo series is the depiction of the imaginary landscape which shows absolute tranquility.  I always have a fascination with stories of Taoist hermit immortals in Chinese tales that also affected old Japanese culture. While imagining these mystic landscapes, I paint my vision of the place.  My ultimate aim is the presentation of its spiritual symbolism: the way of living as an enlightened being.  My aspiration is that viewers visualize themselves as hermit immortals living in the serene sacred landscape, and transform themselves to an awakened state of mind like those immortals and achieve long lasting true happiness. -
Jun'ichirö Ishida

Junichiro Ishida is a Brooklyn based painter and environmental installation artist, originally from Kobe, Japan. He is committed that the function of his art is to promote the positive side of humanity. He aims to give audiences a long-lasting ongoing impact on their lives instead of just giving a temporally visual enjoyment. He received my MFA from University of Wisconsin - Madison, and BA from Sonoma state University, California. He was awarded many art residencies, and the latest one was from Brush Creek residency in Wyoming in 2017.  He has been showing nationally and internationally for the last 18 years such as Wyoming and Japan.



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