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Nancy Bruno

Nancy Bruno is a New York based artist and educator, whose artwork is energized by a range of mediums, from ceramics to found objects. Her artwork integrates material and form to express complexity and conflicts. Nancy Bruno is a New York artist and educator.  She is energized by clay and all the wonderful possibilities the ceramic process has to offer. She enjoys working with different clays,  firing processes, and surface treatments. Her passion for clay comes from exploring the vast history of ceramics as well as her studies at the Pottery Workshop Jingdezhen and archaeological digs. Nancy's ceramic art references her experiences as a woman through ceramic sculpture and vessels, transforming the female figure, and integrating material and form to express complexity, conflicts, and emotion. Nancy's artwork has been exhibited in various NYC exhibitions and has curated exhibitions with Long Island City Artists. 


The study of architecture was the start of Nancy's journey in the arts of which she proceeded to earn a Master's in Fine Arts from Queens College. Nancy earned a full scholarship to study at the Chautauqua School of Art, participated in ceramic workshops at Peters Valley craft center, New Jersey, Pottery Workshop, Jingdezhen, China, and a residency at Watershed for the Ceramic Arts, MA. Her participation in archaeological digs in Israel and Serbia enabled her to experience objects in a historical perspective. In collaboration with Gina Minelli, she was awarded an Action Art: SPQ grant funded by the Ruben Foundation and established the Beacon of Pluralism Project, to reflect on diversity, tolerance, and freedom of religion within the Queens community.


Bruno has taught ceramics at Island Pottery Studio's, NY and facilitated the ceramic program at Saint Francis Prep High School, NY. She is currently a professional art teacher for NYC Department of Education.


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