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Franck de las Mercedes

My work examines the disintegration of family structures and dynamics brought upon by war, trauma, migration, and loss. Often referencing revealing aspects of my own childhood, history, current events, and contemporary culture, the work delves into the fractures that take place in the family unit and the profound impact that sociopolitical and cultural shifts can have in altering their lives and impairing their relationship. Constructed from an inventory of drawings, journal pages, photographs and found ephemera, each composition documents the space where artistic inquiry leads to self-discovery and the search for understanding our rapidly evolving world. -

Franck de las Mercedes

Franck de las Mercedes is an internationally acclaimed contemporary artist and poet from New York City. Despite his American upbringing, Nicaraguan born FdlM is  regarded as one of Nicaragua’s most important contemporary artists. FdlM has pioneered a style through a multifaceted body of work influenced by abstract
expressionism, rock carvings, neo expressionism and Nicaraguan primitivism. Through bright colors, jagged linework, hieroglyph inspired text and abstract patterns, Franck creates emotionally charged work that explores childhood memory, current events, family dynamics and sociocultural topics.


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