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Vincent Arcilesi

Vincent Arcilesi, (1932 - 2022)

My work reflects my two great passions in life: the human figure and the landscape. I try to portray the nude form, both male and female, in all its sensuous glory. I have painted compositions since 1964 and started painting landscapes on site in 1966. While at School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where I was trained as an abstract painter, I fell under the spell of the great French Impressionist paintings in their collection. Over the years, the two strains have become intermingled so that many of my large paintings depict nude figures in various landscapes, mythic as well as real. Classical drapery and banners are a keynote of my work, whether as a background for a studio portrait or as an integral part of the design motif of a landscape composition. In my last ten solo shows, sensual clothed and unclothed figures appear in the landscapes and cityscapes of Morocco, Italy, New York, Paris, London, St. Petersburg, Russia, Mexico City, and Rome. - Vincent Arcilesi


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