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Katelyn Alain

This work is part of a mythological new American Epic of children making their way to a new land across a great sea with their inner power made visible. The imagined characters are depicted in metaphorical scenarios that echo traditional American history paintings. They face obstacles with a palpable inner knowing as they make their way forward through moments of courage, athleticism, struggle and epiphany. The imagined characters challenge the viewer as an observer as in this case where a young leader glances directly at the viewer as she reaches back to the apparitions of other children behind her. It's a story of awareness where influence and action are considered.


I paint in a traditional many layered oil technique because I am choosing to reference the history of painting as I create works I'd like to see in conversation and contrast with historical paintings in our museums that overtly romanticize white men in acts of war conquering and oppressing whole peoples and places. Painting traditionally acts as a legitimizing legacy to maintain a desired mythology for future generations. My paintings seek to empower the diversity of tomorrow's leaders as they embody their fullest power in a new world brewing and forming right now just outside patriarchy's interpretation and gaze.


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