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Katelyn Alain

There is a need for a new mythology that resonates with our wants and desires in this life right now. A need to see ourselves and our children living wholly empowered and legitimately respected. A need to see real faces that reflect the truth the subconscious is already aware of. The recognition that we are all brilliantly reflected in the souls of others.

When I began these paintings I asked myself what I needed to create in the world right now. The ideas and visions flowed in and while I worked to bring them to life more questions came up: what does true equality really look like? What would the story look like if the traditionally invisible were included in our historical context? What would it be like to walk through an art museum and see paintings that reflected our truth, power, and knowing? What would my work look like if I gave thanks to the unseen daughters of history by paying tribute to the wise leaders among us who must one by one and in unison reveal the real truth? What is the truth when we dismantle the limiting boxes and categories that cage us in? And where can true freedom exist if we don't allow openness, respect and understanding even for ourselves?

I see a fresh future that is pushed into betterment by all hands on deck. I see new stories, new norms, and new leaders all around me. We are already moving swiftly over the water if we could just grab the oars and herald the young taking control of the boat.

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