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Laura Murray

I am a multimedia artist who uses both natural and artificial materials to create meticulously rendered, highly textured paintings and objects.  I combine traditional mediums such as oils, watercolors, and graphite with organic materials such as dirt, hair, egg shells, and insects to make artworks that blur the line between painting, sculpture, and assemblage.
Highly influenced by memories of growing up in the poorer suburbs of Oklahoma City, my work often showcases evidence of aging man-made infrastructure.  I pair images of cracked streets curbs, crumbling brick walls, and blind-covered windows with images of insects, animals, storms, and tornadoes.  My creative process is also heavily impacted by my interactions with the natural world.  Influenced by scenes from nature, I often hike through wooded areas and parks throughout NYC to acquire source materials and inspiration.  
I fabricate each object with extreme care, since the materials I use are often as fragile as the subject matter I present.  The mediums used in each piece contribute to the artwork’s context.  Specific materials like Oklahoma dirt, cicada skins, and shattered glass from a car window all lend to an unspoken narrative that can be teased out with further inspection of each artwork.  Fragility is a key component to both the object and the subject.  While being mindful to avoid outright narration, I attempt to charge my paintings and objects with an emotional energy that resonates with the viewer.  The more the viewer stares at the small creatures in the artworks, investigating their setting and the details therein, the more uncanny the scene appears.

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