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AHA Artists in the Press – Rachel Grobstein

Rachel Grobstein – AHA Artist in the Press

As visitors move past the entrance, into the dozens of booths (art on paper fair) that line the room, the work quickly shrinks in size. One tiny work — smaller than a sheet of printer paper — manages to catch the eye by imitating insect displays in natural history museums. “Afterlife,” by Rachel Grobstein, appears to capture and categorize all sorts of biological and pop cultural matter: a football helmet, a lightning bolt, earthworms, an hourglass. Amidst the brightly-colored clutter, the tiny eyes of paper birds stare out at you. (more) 

“I create miniature sculptures and paintings, filtering real world objects through a meticulous handmade process and using a radical scale shift to invite close scrutiny.” Artist Statement Rachel Grobstein - click to read more

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