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Katelyn Alain & Vincent Arcilesi

Arcilesi |Homberg is pleased to present “Musing” a two-person show featuring works by Vincent Arcilesi and Katelyn Alain. The title of the exhibit posits that painting, like poetry, is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings that originate in emotion recollected in tranquility. The works on exhibit here prove the point handily.


Vincent Arcilesi is showing some nine pieces including two works on paper and small canvases, all with figures both clothed and unclothed. “Model in Front of White Curtain” 72×60” painted in 1972 is a striking example of the latter; and “Piazza Del Campidoglio at Dusk” 48×34” from 2012, of the former. There is also a 1977 self-portrait standing at a canvas he’s working on with a drawing of one of his signature nudes on the wall behind him.

Like Vincent Arcilesi, Katelyn Alain is also a realist artist with nine paintings on display. Alain says her painting process “combines the emotive powers of portraiture with the distorton of memory,” which might also be said of Arcilesi. Both artists draw the viewer into their process, making the work more understandable and enigmatic at the same time.

The pairing of these works by two seemingly disparate artists is a boon to the viewer. The latter has the advantage of looking at the show from, at the very least, two vantage points, and in all probability, many more, limited only by his/her own imagination.

For further information and visuals, please contact Norma or Francesca: and

Gallery hours: Wednesday – Friday 12 – 6 pm and Sunday 1 – 6 pm or by appointment 139 Eldridge St.New York, NY 10002 212-810-7716 or 347-743-4132

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