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Roger Laux Nelson

Today: meet Roger Laux Nelson in the new AHA Show



Roger Laux Nelson

I consider my work to be simultaneously realistic and abstract. The realism requires no comment as it is self–evident, it is the abstract that remains ambiguous. When I think of my paintings, I look at them as geometric abstract shapes in relation to organic pensiveness. I like to put a great deal of thought and effort into understanding the various forms juxtaposition to one another. This understanding, in turn, helps to create the composition of the art work as a whole. Form can be thought of in various ways as shape, value, texture and color. To a large extent it is those aspects of form that determines and enhances the content or meaning of my paintings.

I also think about the perspective relationships between near and middle ground space to create depth within my paintings rather then a flat image. Often it is the relationship between the geometric, man-made elements and the organic, natural elements that I experiment with. For me, art has always been about perception and projection of everyday scenes, in ways that are unique to the artist. It is the mysterious and surreal quality of the urban environment, which continues to inspire my art.

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