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Vincent Arcilesi Retrospective Profiles a Stylistic Virtuoso

Vincent Arcilesi, Summer Night in Rome

A fully-formed surrealism permeates the figurative works of Vincent Arcilesi in his retrospective, on view from October 26-29 at the High Line Loft in Chelsea. The human figure reigns supreme in Arcilesi’s masterworks, in which various stages of life from birth to death, and various actions over the course of that life, are documented with a fine-tuned stylistic quality. Arcilesi treats his figures according to their surroundings: a warm light permeates outdoor figures while his indoor scenes display a more muted treatment of light. The flesh tones exhibit a plaintive quality: beckoning the viewer in to discover more while holding true to a sumptuous treatment of form. Throughout his works, Arcilesi demonstrates a strong knowledge of color, infusing his works with strong hues that delicately balance the composition of his works.

Detail from ”Dreamers in a Palace Square”, Vincent Arcilesi, On View in Retrospective

Arcilesi’s storied career takes center stage on this exhibition, with figure studies, sketches and landscapes supplementing these rich, large-scale figurative paintings. The range of human emotions are placed in the framework, in many cases, of the classical world. Allegories and mythological references abound, as do art historical references. The multiple layers of meaning embedded in the works only serve to elevate the high quality of the artworks themselves. A pleasant marriage of form and content results.

Duane Street Loft by Vincent Arcilesi, On View at Retrospective

A visit to the Arcilesi retrospective is crucial visit for any art lover passing through New York City who admires the classical stylings which Arcilesi masterful wields. The show is on view from 12-6 pm on Saturday, Oct 28 and Sunday, Oct 29 at the High Line Loft, 508 W 26th Street #5G.

by Audra Lambert
Art Critic, Curator, Cultural Producer

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