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#checkyourselfie  –  a social media campaign & photography exhibit

Opening: February 6th, 6-9pm Exhibit runs from Feb 6th – Feb28th

Newtown Narcissus, 2014  –  gilf!


#checkyourselfie is a social media campaign & photography exhibit in which gilf! examines the myopic epidemic of the selfie.

“With this fresh start of a new year gilf! has begun a shift in her artistic practice from reactionary imagery to solution based campaigns. The first campaign, #checkyourselfie, is a social media discussion and photography exhibit that critiques the selfie contagion. Social media has given the world instantaneous access to our daily lives. The selfie, a modern day digital self portrait, dominates our feeds and has changed our dialogs. Instead of discussing ideas and telling stories, we’re discussing beauty, status, and self importance.

We overlook a world of substance when we create micro-celebrities who tilt our culture towards myopic individualism. #checkyourselfie will examine vanity, our disconnection with reality & body image, and address the selfie’s isolating effects on society through classic and contemporary versions of the self portrait.

In #checkyourselfie gilf! seeks to initiate conversations and use social media as a tool that shifts the viewer’s focus to community engagement. Starting Monday February 3, she will release one #checkyourselfie image per day for five. A portion of the proceeds of work sold will go to a cause associated with each image. Each #checkyourselfie image will include a statement or pose a question to the viewer on various social media pages as well as links to further explore the issues raised. My hope is that #checkyourselfie will spark discussions of the topics suggested by each image. One of the goals of the campaign is to leverage the power of hashtagging to establish the selfie as a tool for social engagement and not just entertainment.” – gilf!

#checkyourselfie images will appear on Instagram, tumblr, and twitter under the handle @gilfnyc, on Facebook at 

For more information please contact AHA@AHA-FINEART.COM

Opening: February 6th, 6-8pm – Exhibit runs from Feb 6th – Feb28th

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