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Carly Ivan Garcia | AHA Artist in the Press

Carly Ivan Garcia

Carly Ivan Garcia has developed and evolved a unique neo-abstract art style. Garcia’s language of imagery is translated through strong form and bold palettes. In the past few years, his work has been shown in numerous gallery solo’s around California and countless group shows all over the West coast.

Carly Ivan Garcia, "Forty Yards Dash" view more artwork from Carly Ivan Garcia

In December 2009, Garcia’s work was exhibited in Miami, Florida during Art Basel. He was featured in a group show for international emerging artists and also collaborated with Graffiti Gone Global to create a large-scale installation that received extensive media coverage.

The following spring the California Film Institute featured renowned artist, Carly Ivan Garcia together with the World Theatrical Premiere of Touching Home. Ten of his paintings are the focus art pieces in the full length feature film Touching Home, starring Ed Harris. In June of 2010, Garcia was the only west coast artist invited to Chelsea, Manhattan by Tinca Art inc., New York, N.Y and the N.Y.C.L.U. to be part of the group show Just Art 2010. The show focused on four major themes; Privacy, Censorship, Immigration and Reproductive Rights. Garcia chose to express censorship.


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